Rhea & Brian

Malibu, CA Dec 2017

Brian told Rhea they were meeting friends at the beach. Once they arrived Brian told her he received a text saying their friend had cancelled last minute. Then he got down on one knee. Rhea thought it was his blood sugar dropping and became overly concerned, she tried to steady him and held him close. This made it pretty hard for him to say what he wanted to say so he pulled out the box with a ring inside. 

I hid among the rocks at Pirate's Cove in Malibu for to take photos of the proposal and then popped out and shot the rest. I also made a video for them which you can play below.

There was a band shooting a music video in the background near the cliff and some scattered boulders in the foreground that crowded the composition, but I was able to edit everything out in photoshop.


Layne & Will

Griffith Park Observatory, Nov 2017

Layne & Will had their first date at Griffith Park Observatory so this was a particularly special place to shoot their engagement photos. They wanted a cool, casual look that showed them as they are in an everyday sort of way. Layne told me the story of how they met, and then the story of their first date here. She said "I just knew that he was my person." 

I used all natural light at sundown as you can see in some of the photos. The setting sun gave me some artsy lens flare some of the shots and a warm toned rim light in others.