Digital Photography

Digital Photography Then and Now

The primary difference between traditional photography and digital photography is that instead of using exposures on photographic film, arrays of electronic photodetectors are used to capture an image. Interestingly, the first digital photograph, which was taken in 1957, wasn’t taken with a digital camera. Instead it was a scan of a picture taken by film. The scanned digital photo had a resolution of 176x176. Twenty years later, the digital camera was developed and with it, a whole new way to take, create, and develop photographs.


While some may think of digital photography as being easier to learn, there is still much to know in order to take high quality digital photos. Professional digital photographers in Los Angeles, CA are well versed in things like using the rule of thirds, avoiding camera shake, creating a sense of depth, and choosing the right ISO. All of these things are essential when it comes to digital photography.