A Very Brief History of Photography

The idea of taking pictures dates all the way back to the 5th Century B.C. when Chinese philosophers developed the idea of the pinhole camera. It wasn’t until 1816, however, that the camera was actually invented. It would still take 10 years for the first permanent photograph to be taken. At that time, it took 8 hours to develop a photograph. Photography has changed dramatically since then, especially in the area of digital photographs.


Nowadays, thanks to certain social media sites, everyone is using pictures to tell a story. Despite the fact that everyone who takes pictures on their phone considers themselves a photographer, this is not the case. The art of photography takes skill, patience, and knowledge of a variety of topics including exposure, composition, focus, light, photo development, and aperture and shutter speeds. Professional photographers have usually taken a photography class or two and often specialize in certain subjects.

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