When It's Your Dream Job on the Line, Professional Local Photographers Are the Answer

Getting your dream job is never easy, so when the chance arises, do everything within your power to land that job. If your dream job involves acting, modeling, or entertainment, it involves head shots or self taped auditions, and you need professional local photographers to increase your chances of getting noticed. You have to remember, others will be using a professional, and it's important for you to do the same. Before you consider doing it yourself, ask yourself some important questions and then decide if it's worth risking your chances of getting the job.

Head shots are more than just photos

These days, everyone feels like a photographer. Everywhere you look there are people taking selfies. However, when you're submitting headshots in order to get a job, people expect a bit more. These people are looking for the best talent that they can find. They don't love you like your friends and family do. They care about what you can do for them and their brand.

  • Head shots should convey your personality.

  • Glamorous headshots are not what gets the attention of those in the industry. What they want is to see into you through your eyes and smile.

  • Everything matters. The framing of the photo, the lighting, and even the background are all important. If you don't have the proper training, it's highly unlikely that your photos will show everything that agencies are looking for.

This is one area where you do not want to cut corners. If you want to become an actor, these photos are one of the things that can make or break you. The right head shots can give you the edge that you're looking for.

Are you coming in loud and clear?

Again, cell phones have turned everyone into a videographer. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to record yourself on your phone. Do you have a space set up at home where you can make your recording for your self taped auditions? Consider your microphone. Is the sound loud and clear? If the sound is muffled or can't be understood, the chances of you getting a call are very slim. A professional setting, with someone who understands what the agencies are looking for and how to bring out the best in you, could mean the difference between an agency passing on you and calling you in to learn more about you.

There are plenty of times when doing it yourself is fine. There are many instances when you can cut corners and things will be fine. There are tons of jobs where videos and photos don't matter. However, when they do matter, be sure that you send in the very best ones possible.

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