Why Portrait Photography Is Important: Creating Keepsakes

Prior to the advent of photography, families would contract an artist to paint a family or individual portrait. This costly portrait that captured the face of the subject for all posterity was usually commissioned by aristocrats and the nouveau riche middle class and were the bread and butter of studio artists during the time. Today’s technology not only offers beautiful portrait photography, but the skills of a videographer can capture a moment of an event or action as it happens to be relived for decades to come.

The advantage of a professional portrait

Technology has made everyone a photographer or filmmaker. Smartphone technology lets you take a selfie to upload to one of your social network accounts or recording an event as it happens right before you. It’s easy to mistakenly believe these shots are on par with what portrait photography or a professional videographer can do.

You can have the most expensive digital camera on the market but unless you’ve trained and have the experience that a professional photographer has, you can’t expect your skills to match those of a photographer. People who want a professional portrait done opt for a professional photographer with the skills to create a valuable keepsake and memento of the subject at that particular point in time.

A professional photographer knows how to achieve the perfect lighting and pose to set off the subject’s best features and personality. When you pay for a portrait, you’re paying for a memory you can refer back to for decades to come. Photographic portraits can be as much a work of art as those 18th-century paintings and a keepsake of the subject at that point in life.

A timeless keepsake

There are certain key points in life that people often want to be captured in a portrait. Some of these life events include high school or college graduation, engagement wedding photography, the birth of a baby, and golden anniversaries among others. The professional photographer you work with will likely have experience in photographing subjects for all kinds of reasons and will likely have a portfolio of his or her work you can browse.

Time passes swiftly and memories fade. Without a beautiful portrait to remind you of the day, images may blur and it may be hard to recall the special look or aura the subject reflected at that time in their lives. As time passes, people leave us and life happens. Sometimes that special portrait is all we have left to recall the person and the moment from long ago.

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